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These Terms and Conditions supersede any previous Terms and Conditions distributed in any form. Gent Iyus reserves the right to change any rates and any of the Terms and Conditions at any time and without prior notice. The following Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all products and services provided by Gent Iyus. All work is carried out by Gent Iyus on the understanding that the client has agreed to Gent Iyus’s terms and conditions. Copyright is retained by Gent Iyus on all design work including words, pictures, ideas, visuals and illustrations unless specifically released in writing and after all costs have been settled. If a choice of design is presented, only one solution is deemed to be given by Gent Iyus as fulfilling the contract. All other designs remain the property of Gent Iyus, unless agreed in writing that this arrangement has been changed.


Gent Iyus abides by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice (2006 Edition) and shall furnish professional standards of skill, care, diligence and professional judgment in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement.


Your responsibilities as a client are:

• To prepare a clear brief for required project or task(s).

• To appoint one sign-off person who will be able to devote adequate time across the whole project, who will compile all feedback from your team(s) into one document/email, and whose agreement will be binding.

• To work together on the detail of the specification of the project or task.

• To inform Gent Iyus of any factors that will interrupt the project or task.

• To agree on any subject matter with experts from the company who will need to be involved and ensure that they offer adequate time in accordance with the project timeline.

• Keep within the turnaround time agreement, or accept revised time, cost and quality penalties.

• To compile and deliver definitive content (images, text/copy, video, etc.) in high quality, spell-checked and approved for production) in a timely manner.

• To agree that any changes made after deadlines dates or sign-off will incur time, cost and quality penalties.

• The Client shall be solely responsible for providing Gent Iyus with all necessary information in connection with its goods/ services; the market and generally, Gent Iyus shall not be responsible for any shortcomings in such information.

• The Client will provide high-quality images accompanied by the appropriate copyright that are cleared for use in production.

• The Client will provide definite (spell checken and approved) copy/text that is cleared for use in production.


At the time of proposal, Gent Iyus will provide the customer with a formal quotation. The Terms and Conditions can be read on Gent Iyus’s website. A copy of the written quotation and contract is to be signed and dated by the customer to indicate acceptance and should be returned to Gent Iyus. No work on a project will commence until either document has been received by Gent Iyus.


The Client shall be responsible for any increases in Gent Iyus’s costs as a result of any changes to such job parameters or other material made by The Client either directly or indirectly after the date of any quotations given by Gent Iyus, and for any increase in costs by way of overtime charges if the time and date for completing a project is brought forward by The Client either directly or indirectly. Quotations are valid for a period of fourteen (14 calender days) from the date of quotation.


All prices quoted DO NOT INCLUDE value added TAX / BTW. The rate of taxation, when applicable, will be calculated according to The Clients business residence. Charges for design services to be provided by Gent Iyus, will be set out in the written estimate that is provided to The Client. At the time of the customer’s signed acceptance of this quotation, indicating acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, a deposit of 50% of the quoted fee will become immediately due. Work on the project will not commence until Gent Iyus has received this amount. Should the project be delayed or stand still by The Client without any progress for 30 (Thirty) working days from date of last proof supplied by Gent Iyus, a Milestone payment of 25% will be required. Any changes performed after artwork approval will result in an additional revised estimate being submitted to The Client i.e. Client’s corrections, faulty material charges will be billed in addition unless specifically included in the quotation. Expenses such as photography and prints, reproduction and printing, bulk postage, (photo)stock images, hosting, subscriptions, plugins, add-ons, advertising and advertorial costs, font files, CI manuals, translations, travel, packaging supplier consultations, if not stated in the quotation, are not included in the fees and will be billed for accordingly. At all times, all quotations will be supplied for approval to The Client by Gent Iyus. Should The Client exceed the estimated hours, the normal Agency hourly rate*** shall apply. Gent Iyus shall at all times advise The Client on excess hours and when this applies. Publication and/or release of work done by Gent Iyus on behalf of the client, may not take place before cleared funds have been received. All queries regarding invoices should be brought to the attention of Gent Iyus within 7 calendar days of receipt of invoice.


A charge may be made to cover any additional work involved where the design elements/data supplied or specified is not clear, legible, or in the prescribed format/specification to produce satisfactory results. Where material is so supplied or specified, responsibility will not be accepted for imperfect work caused by defects in the supply, format or specification. This includes any incompatibility or defects caused by differing software versions or conflicting operating systems.


All work carried out, whether experimentally or otherwise, at The Client’s request, shall be deemed chargeable.


Unless specifically requested to the contrary, Gent Iyus shall be entitled to sub-contract any work to any third parties as it thinks fit. Gent Iyus shall not be responsible to The Client for any delays occasioned by a sub-contractor failing to meet deadlines imposed upon it by Gent Iyus for completion of any job, for any reason outside the direct control of Gent Iyus.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all times quoted for performance or delivery or availability for collection are given in good faith but are not guaranteed by Gent Iyus. The time for performance or delivery or availability for collection shall in every case be dependent upon prompt receipt of all necessary information, final instructions or approvals from The Client. Alteration by The Client of its requirements may result in delay in performance, delivery and/or availability for collection for which Gent Iyus shall bear no liability. Gent Iyus shall not be held liable for any delay in print production and late delivery thereof. Any packaging supplied by Gent Iyus, unless otherwise expressly agreed, is intended to provide adequate protection throughout normal conditions of transport by the means specified in the agreement or as otherwise agreed. If The Client (or the intended recipient) fails to take delivery on the agreed date or to collect on the agreed collection date, or if no specific delivery or collection date has been agreed, when the goods are ready for dispatch, Gent Iyus shall be entitled to store the goods and to charge The Client the reasonable cost of doing so, and to tender its account for such charges to The Client, provided that in no event shall Gent Iyus be under any liability in respect of any loss or damage following the dispatch of any goods from the Company’s premises.


By supplying text, images and other data to Gent Iyus for inclusion in The Client’s business cards, flyers, pamphlets, website or other medium, the customer declares that it holds the appropriate copyright and/or trademark permissions. The ownership of such materials will remain with the customer, or rightful copyright or trademark owner. Any artwork, images, or text supplied and/or designed by Gent Iyus on behalf of the customer, will remain the property of Gent Iyus and/or it’s suppliers. The customer may request in writing from Gent Iyus, the necessary permission to use materials (for which Gent Iyus holds the copyright) in forms other than for which it was originally supplied, and Gent Iyus may, at its discretion, grant this. Such permission must be obtained in writing before it will allow any of the aforesaid artwork, images, text, or other data to be used. By supplying images, text, or any other data to Gent Iyus, the customer grants Gent Iyus permission to use this material freely in the pursuit of the design. Should Gent Iyus, or the customer supply an image, text, audio clip or any other file for use in a business cards, flyers, pamphlets, website, multimedia presentation, print item, exhibition, advertisement or any other medium believing it to be copyright and royalty free, which subsequently emerges to have such copyright or royalty usage limitations, the customer will agree to allow Gent Iyus to remove and/or replace the file on the site. The customer agrees to fully indemnify and hold Gent Iyus free from harm in any and all claims resulting from the customer in not having obtained all the required copyright, and/or any other necessary permissions. Unless otherwise specified all fonts used in any design material supplied by Gent Iyus will remain property of Gent Iyus.


Gent Iyus will attempt to ensure that only royalty free images are used in custom designs. It is agreed that Gent Iyus, employees, directors and suppliers, will not be held liable for any damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, arising out of or related issues, copyright, or trademark infringement resulting from images used upon request of the client or provided by the client.


We prepare and check artwork for reproduction as carefully as possible. However, we do not accept responsibility for any errors caused by The Client or suppliers (for example typesetters, printers etc.) once artwork has been passed for print or production. Gent Iyus agrees to hold on behalf of The Client finished artwork or sketch work that has been created by Gent Iyus or used by Gent Iyus in furtherance of this Agreement and accept responsibility for any damage or loss of such artwork and sketch work held by Gent Iyus during the term of this Agreement and for one year thereafter. Artwork or sketch work kept for over one year after the termination of this Agreement will be destroyed unless claimed.


An approval to send an order to print is confirmation that you have reviewed the proofs/product completely, agree that all content in the proofs are correct, and hereby release Gent Iyus from liability of any content errors that should be discovered after production begins. Proofing is an important step. Whether you have submitted your own artwork or Gent Iyus does it for you, it is YOUR responsibility to check for any errors prior to printing. Please carefully check spelling, phone numbers, barcodes, fonts, placement and all other details.


Electronic proofs closely represent the image, colour and text placement, but is not the exact colour. This is due to your monitor’s colour settings being slightly different than that of the designers as well as the printer’s machinery. The colors of your proofs as they appear on your monitor, are only a close representation of the final printed piece. Your monitor uses a completely different system for displaying colors (RGB) to what is used in the print business CMYK or Pantone. colors may vary depending on your monitor’s brightness, contrast and colour adjustment settings. The image may appear larger or smaller than actual production size depending on the resolution of your monitor. Gent Iyus cannot be responsible for variances in final printed colors.


To limit any possible errors in artwork, designs will not go to production until they have been approved by The Client. Gent Iyus will not be held responsible for errors if the client misses something in the proof, has reused a printed or digital proof, or if the client, during order placement, has requested the order go to production without proofing.


The Client agrees that changes required over and above the estimated work or required to be carried out after acceptance of the draft design will be liable to a separate charge. The Client also agrees that Gent Iyus holds no responsibility for any amendments made by any third party, before or after a design is published.


The Client shall indemnify Gent Iyus in respect of all financial liability (including professional costs, damages and accounts of profits) arising out of any claims made against Gent Iyus alleging infringement of any intellectual property rights if such claim arises from the use of information, inventions, ideas, designs, artwork, copy or other material provided by The Client.


Should Gent Iyus need to travel on The Client’s business outside Bali within The Client’s request, Gent Iyus shall be reimbursed at a “per diem” expense per person traveling of EUR 150 (ex VAT). In the event that Gent Iyus is required to travel outside of Bali upon The Client’s request, Gent Iyus shall be reimbursed at a “per diem” expense per person traveling of EUR 650 (ex VAT).


Any design, copywriting, drawing, idea or code created for the customer by Gent Iyus, or any of its contractors, is licensed for use by The Client and may not be modified, in any way or form without the express written consent of Gent Iyus and any of its relevant sub-contractors. All design work where there is a risk that another party make a claim, should be registered by The Client with the appropriate authorities prior to publishing or first use or searches and legal advice sought as to its use. Gent Iyus will not be held responsible for any and all damages resulting from such claims. Gent Iyus is not responsible for any loss, or consequential loss, non-delivery of products or services, of whatever cause. The Client agrees not to hold Gent Iyus responsible for any such loss or damage. Any claim against Gent Iyus shall be limited to the relevant fee(s) paid by the customer.


The Client agrees to Gent Iyus’s definition of acceptable means of supplying data to the company. Text is to be supplied to Gent Iyus in electronic format as standard text (.txt), Apple Pages, MS Word (.doc) sent as an attachment via e-mail or shared in a Google Drive folder. Images which are supplied in an electronic format are to be provided in a format as prescribed by Gent Iyus via E-mail, Google Drive or WeTransfer. Images must be of quality suitable for use without any subsequent image processing, and Gent Iyus will not be held responsible for any image quality which the client later deems to be unacceptable. Gent Iyus cannot be held responsible for the quality of any images which the client wishes to be scanned from printed materials. Additional expenses may be incurred for any necessary action, including, but not limited to, photography and art direction, photography searches, media conversion, digital image processing, or data entry services.


Any indication given by Gent Iyus of a design project’s duration is to be considered by The Client to be an estimation. Gent Iyus cannot be held responsible for any project over-runs, whatever the cause. Estimated project duration should be deemed to be from the date that cleared funds are received by Gent Iyus for the initial payment or by date confirmed in writing by Gent Iyus.


Gent Iyus considers the design project complete upon receipt of The Client review and formal approval. Other services such as printing, display panel production, film work, website uploading, publishing etc., either contracted on The Client’s behalf constitute a separate project and will be treated as a separate charge.


An account shall be considered default if it remains unpaid for 30 days from the date of invoice. Gent Iyus shall be considered entitled to remove Gent Iyus and/or The Client material from any and all computer systems, until the amount due has been fully paid. This includes any and all unpaid fees due for services, including, but not limited to, business cards, flyers, pamphlets, hosting, domain registration, search engine submission, design and maintenance, sub-contractors, printers, photographers and libraries. Removal of such materials does not relieve the customer of its obligation to pay the due amount. Client’s whose accounts become default agree to pay Gent Iyus reasonable legal expenses and third-party collection agency fees in the enforcement of these Terms and Conditions. Gent Iyus cannot be held liable for any loss of content or material in any form.



Once web design is complete, Gent Iyus will provide The Client with the opportunity to review the resulting work. Gent Iyus will make one set of minor changes at no extra cost within 10 days of the start of the review period. Minor changes include small textual changes and small adjustments to placement of items on the page. It does not include changes to images, colour schemes or any navigation features. Any minor changes can be notified to Gent Iyus by e-mail. Gent Iyus will consider that the client has accepted the original draft, if no notification of changes is received in writing from The Client, within 10 days of the start of the review period.


The Client agrees to allow Gent Iyus all necessary access to computer systems and other locations, as required, in order to complete a website project and until all due funds are cleared, including the necessary read/write permissions, usernames and passwords. The Client also agrees to allow Gent Iyus access to any computer systems, usernames and passwords required to remove data and/or sites for failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions. The Client agrees to supply Gent Iyus with all necessary materials, electronic, or otherwise, required to create and complete the project, and to supply them in a timely manner.


Gent Iyus does not offer in-house hosting services. Gent Iyus can only suggest possible sub-contractors and does not guarantee continuous service and will accept no liability for loss of service, whatever the cause. Gent Iyus may request that clients change the type of hosting account used if that account is deemed by Gent Iyus to be unacceptable because of poor service, lack of bandwidth or in any other way insufficient to support the website. Fees due to the hosting organization are the responsibility of the client and Gent Iyus are not liable for their payment.


Gent Iyus cannot guarantee the availability of any domain name. Where Gent Iyus is to register a domain name on behalf of a client it will endeavor to do so but the client should not assume a successful registration. All costs incurred for domain registration purposes, in whatever form or amount, shall be liable for payment by the client.

e. SEO

Due to the infinite number of considerations that search engines use when determining a site’s ranking, Gent Iyus cannot guarantee any particular placement. Acceptance by any search engine cannot be guaranteed and when a site is accepted, the time it takes to appear in search results varies from one search engine to another. Rankings will also vary as new sites are added.

Gent Iyus delivers all website SEO-ready, meaning the website infrastructure is ready to be used by an SEO expert to implement strategies and adjust the content as needed. Gent Iyus is not responsible for the proficiency of external hires in using the products but will provide additional help and customer service at an agreed hourly rate***.

Gent Iyus does not offer SEO optimization services and recommends searching for a professional to help you map and set your website for SEO optimization.


The Client is responsible and liable, in the broadest sense, for the gathering, processing, using or storing of any data that is processed or accessed through its websites. The Client will make sure the data-gathering, processing and storage is done according to applicable laws and regulations surrounding (online) data and storage.


By default our websites are intended for the use of adults and individuals 13 years of ages and older. Our Website is not directed to children under the age of 13. Users under the age of 13 must have the permission and/or assistance of an adult while using or visiting Websites created by Gent Iyus.


The Client agrees to allow Gent Iyus to place a small credit on printed material exhibition displays, advertisements and/or a link to Gent Iyus’s own website on the customer’s website. This will usually be in the form of a small logo or line of text placed towards the bottom of the page. The Client also agrees to allow Gent Iyus to place designs on Gent Iyus’s own website and social media for demonstration purposes and to use any designs in its own publicity. This includes cancelled projects, and projects not yet finalized.


It is Gent Iyus’s duty not to disclose any confidential information of The Client during or after Gent Iyus’s appointment without The Client’s permission. However, this does not apply to the information already in the public domain or which subsequently comes into the public domain. The Client acknowledges that it is Gent Iyus’s right to use any general marketing and advertising intelligence, which Gent Iyus has gained during this appointment.


Gent Iyus will not include in its designs, any text, images or other data which it deems to be immoral, offensive, obscene or illegal. All advertising material must conform to all standards laid down by all relevant advertising standards authorities. Gent Iyus also reserves the right to refuse to include submitted material without giving reason. Any images and/or data that Gent Iyus does include in all good faith, and then finds out that it contravenes these Terms and Conditions, the customer is obliged to allow Gent Iyus to remove the contravention without hindrance, or penalty. Gent Iyus is to be held in no way responsible for any such data being included.


A termination notice can also be served at any time before the end of the term of this contract by either party sending the other a written notice. The termination period shall be no less than a thirty (30) day calendar month. The Client agrees to settle Gent Iyus’s dues from the last date of the notice period. Any cancellation must be in writing and must be sent or delivered to Gent Iyus and shall be deemed effective only as at the date received by Gent Iyus. These include a recalculation of the fees based on the new delivery period and the delivered scope of work. All ideas, designs, concepts, original compositions, finished advertisements, radio and television commercials and all other works and material prepared or acquired by Gent Iyus will be assigned and given to The Client after termination of contract and settlement of all payments to Gent Iyus due for services actually performed, and subject to the terms of any license or permission pursuant to which Gent Iyus may have obtained the use of such material and to such material being in the public domain.


This Contract and any other matters concerning the relationship between Gent Iyus and The Client shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Law of The Netherlands. Any dispute that might arise between the Parties shall be finally settled by the competent courts in The Netherlands.

32. Gent Iyus STAFF

The Client agrees not to employ Gent Iyus’s personnel during the tenure of the contract and for a subsequent period of two years from the date of its termination.


Gent Iyus makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, for any and all products and/or services that it supplies. Gent Iyus will not be held responsible for any and all damages resulting from products and/or services it supplies. Gent Iyus is not responsible for any loss, or consequential loss of data, or non-delivery of products or services, of whatever cause. While we take reasonable steps to investigate the materials we recommend, we accept no responsibility for the performance or quality of materials or any consequential loss arising from their failure. The customer agrees not to hold Gent Iyus responsible for any such loss or damage. Any claim against Gent Iyus shall be limited to the relevant fee(s) paid by The Client.

Gent Iyus reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at its own discretion.

***Hourly rate: EURO 65,00 per hour excluding VAT/BTW.

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