The brand identity design process from start to finish

Whether you need a logo or a more comprehensive system: the identity design process works the same way.


After you contact us about your identity design project, we’ll be in touch to get an overview of your needs. Together we’ll determine the scope and timeline. We will send you a proposal and contract with terms. Once approved, to begin a project a standard 50% deposit is required. The remainder is due when the work is completed. If another payment plan is more suitable, we can discuss options.


In case of a webdesign project, we will discuss your goals, the structure and the needed layout(s) prior to making a design. Your (customer’s) goals should be stated as clear as possible so we can connect to your (potential) customers in an effective, engaging way, boosting your traffic and maximizing your conversions.

The User Experience (UX) is a big priority, therefore we will spend time advising and guiding you through Best Practices when it comes to SEO, Copywriting and other essentials needed to fill your site with good content.

We always work mobile first: because most of your customers will view your website on their mobile device.


Research is the most important step in the brand identity design process. We can’t design a logo or the look and feel of your brand without a roadmap. In this step, we’ll create one. We will provide a questionnaire to help you clarify the unique attributes of your brand. It’s sort of like a personality test for your company. We are interested in your goals and objectives, your company’s capabilities and values, who your target market is, where you’re currently positioned, and where you want to take the brand in the future.

We will also survey:

  1. Your existing logo, website, print and digital materials
  2. Your competition’s design, so you can stand out from the crowd
  3. Examples of appropriate styles

Information gleaned in the discovery phase sets the direction for the next steps.

Concept Development

Here’s where ideas come to life. We will work up several creative options for you—smart solutions that make sense and are a great fit with the parameters we’ve established in the discovery phase of the identity design process.


From among the concepts presented, you’ll choose the best idea to focus on. Then we’ll refine it through a few iterations until it’s just right.

Our standard packages include up to 3 revisions, so you have plenty of opportunities to let us know how you feel about what we have created for you.


In case of a webdesign project, we will test the website in a sandboxed (password-protected) environment prior to launch to make sure everything works as expected. This will give you ample time to see your project in action and to make some final adjustments if necessary.


When you’ve approved the designs, we will create the final artwork files and deliver them to you and/or your print vendor. If needed, we will contact printers for quotes and manage the printing process for you. If your identity design project includes a website, we’ll hit publish and launch it. If your project includes a brand style guide, all the elements of your brand identity—logo, typography, color palette, photography style, icons, patterns, and more— will be captured and described in this document. You’ll have a handy reference to keep you on brand going forward.

What do we expect from you?

We find it extremely important to provide high quality services in a timely fashion. Your role in the success of this project is very important to us, so give you an idea of what is expected from you we have laid out a few handy points. Please make sure to have a look so you know what to expect when working with us.


We ask you to:

• prepare a clear brief for required project or task(s).

• appoint one sign-off person who will be able to devote adequate time across the whole project, who will compile all feedback from your team(s) into one document/email, and whose agreement will be binding.

• work together on the detail of the specification of the project or task.

• inform us, as soon as possible, of any factors that will interrupt the project or task.

• agree on any subject matter with experts from the company who will need to be involved and ensure that they offer adequate time in accordance with the project timeline.

• keep within the turnaround time agreement, or accept revised time, cost and quality penalties.

• compile and deliver definitive content (images, text/copy, video, etc.) in high quality, spell-checked and approved for production) in a timely manner.

• agree that any changes made after deadlines dates or sign-off will incur time, cost and quality penalties.

Providing Content

We ask you to:

• provide us with all necessary information in connection with your goods/ services (hosting, analytics accounts, services that are needed to access the infrastructure in order for us to be able to do the work).

• provide high-quality images accompanied by the appropriate copyrights.

• provide definitive (spell checken and approved) copy/text that is cleared for production

Providing feedback

• We ask you to provide clear and concise feedback as an essential part of the process and is the only way of reaching our goals. It is your responsibility to formulate and communicate your feedback through an appointed sign-off person inside your organization, who then relays the feedback to us.

• When sending feedback and/or requests through email or otherwise, please make sure to compile all feedback into one email (instead of sending many separate emails). When we receive too many unclear or conflicting messages from you(r team), we will request you recompile the feedback into one comprehensive document/email.

• The amount of revisions is set and stated in your quote. We are flexible, because we want to reach the desired result. However, in order to provide consistent quality, we kindly request you to keep the maximum amount of revisions in mind when providing feedback.

If you have any questions or would like to work with together, please send us a quick message and we will take it from there.

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